There is a wide range of plans available to use when planning workplace health & safety, depending upon the needs of each business.

WHSQLD provides training and guidance that will assist you in developing the right Health & Safety plan for your business, with expert guidance and the latest safety solutions.

What is a Workplace Health & Safety Plan?

A Workplace Safety Plan involves preparation of the approaches and policies that a business will implement and follow. 

These are used to keep their employees safe and meet their Health & Safety obligations required by law. 

Safety plans include:

  • Emergency response plans
  • Traffic management plans
  • Annual training plans
  • Annual safety audit plans
  • Fatigue management plans

Why is a Workplace Health & Safety Plan Important?

As a business, it is vital that you plan the management of your workplace health & safety, to ensure:

  • People are safe while at work
  • All risks & hazards are Identified & controlled
  • You meet your WHS obligations 
  • You are compliant with WH&S Legislation (AS/NZ 45001:2018)
  • The business maintains an efficient workflow

How Do I Create a Workplace Health & Safety Plan?

WHSQLD can assist you in developing the best Safety Plan for your business, by understanding your business’ needs, and providing straight-forward, guidance and support.

We have a thorough understanding of AS/NZ 45001:2018 to ensure your Safety Plan is aligned with the relevant sections & clauses, and you meet your WHS certification requirements.

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