Workplace Risk Assessment

WHSQLD are your trusted consultants when you are planning the risk management of your workplace. We work alongside you to ensure all health & safety risks at your workplace are identified, assessed, and controlled. 

We provide ongoing support to ensure these safety controls are effective and do not cause any other safety risks or issues for your business.

What is a Workplace Risk Assessment?

A Workplace Risk Assessment is simply a process where the risk factor of any hazard, that has the potential to cause harm, is identified, analysed, and evaluated at a workplace.

Risk Management Policies are then put in place to minimise incidents from occurring, by either eradicating or controlling the hazards that were found.

The typical Risk management policies that are developed out of a Workplace Risk Assessment can include:

  • Traffic management policies
  • Chemical management policies 
  • Manual handling policies
  • Plant and equipment policies
  • Heavy vehicle management policies
  • Emergency management policies

Why Are Workplace Risk Assessments Important?

It is important to assess, understand and control any risks in your workplace to minimise hazards and incidents occurring. Every year, thousands of Australians are injured or seriously harmed at work, because of incidents due to uncontrolled hazards. 

Not only do injuries cause major distress for anyone affected, but productivity in the workplace slows, or can even be legally forced to stop, as a result.

How Can My Workplace Undertake a Risk Assessment?

Regardless of the type of workplace risk, WHSQLD’s Work Health & Safety Consultants can assist with risk assessments and the development of risk management policies, designed to suit your needs. 

Our team works with you, to ensure all risks are identified, and controlled, in a supportive and confidential way. 

We Help You Manage Your Risk by:

  • Facilitating risk identification sessions with key people at your workplace 
  • Reviewing your safety history to identify any recurring themes
  • Designing & delivering relevant safety training to ensure all people know their responsibilities
  • Delivering both onsite and remote training sessions to inform all key people

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