Workplace Safety Audits & Inspections

We help you to identify risks you may not be aware of. 

  • Confirm what is happening against an agreed question set.
  • Provide consistent and objective assessment to ensure you know where you stand. 
  • Onsite one-off inspections.
  • Ongoing multisite audit programs with remote and onsite components.

What are Workplace Safety Audits & Inspections?

Safety Audits & Inspections are both key components of a greater Workplace Safety Management Plan. 

The goal is to create a workplace which is safe & legally compliant. Safety audits review any existing approaches in a workplace toward safety.

A Safety Inspection looks for any hazards or unsafe practices occurring at a workplace, while also establishing if any existing safeguards are in place.

Why are Workplace Safety Audits & Inspections Important?

All organisations need to conduct regular workplace safety reviews to identify risks they may not be aware of. In addition, the organisation needs to ensure their safety standards and processes are being maintained and regularly improved.

How Can My Workplace Undertake a Safety Audit & Inspection?

WHSQLD makes the process simple and easy. 

Our experienced safety audit team members work within an agreed scope, and make sure your team members and team leaders feel supported throughout any safety audit process. 

Our certified Safety Auditors ensure that every audit delivers the following standards and expectations: 

  • We always keep you informed
  • Our audit process has integrity
  • We honour our commitment to confidentiality
  • The findings are a fair representation of the circumstances
  • Our auditors take due professional care in all matters
  • We act with independence to eradicate any doubt 

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