Workplace Safety Audits & Inspections

To ensure workplace safety standards and processes are being maintained and regularly improved, all organisations need a regular review program. 

WHSQLD develops tailored review programs that focus on risk and meet the legal obligations of any organisation. 

Our team can assist you whether you need an annual external assurance report, detailed ongoing audit and evaluation, or site specific programs to understand your risk.

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Our experienced audit team members work within the agreed scope and make sure your team members and team leaders feel supported throughout any audit process. 

Our certified auditors ensure every audit meets the following standards and expectations: 

  • We always keep you informed.
  • Our audit process has integrity.
  • The findings are a fair representation of the circumstances.
  • Our auditors take due professional care in all matters.
  • We honour our commitment to confidentiality.
  • We act with independence to eradicate any doubt.
  • Our findings are derived from an evidence based approach.

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