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Are you hiring? Are the applicants fit for work? You may be at risk of hiring someone who does not have the inherent capabilities to do the job, leaving you liable for their work-related injuries & insurance claims. 

Don't take the risk! 

We can develop a pre-employment health assessment program for your workplace to ensure your liabilities are minimised.

What is Fitness for Work?

Fitness for Work refers to the physical and mental state of a worker and how it affects their ability to perform a role proficiently and safely.

Why is Fitness for Work Important?

Different jobs require specific fitness levels due to the conditions and requirements of the role. If an employee is not capable of performing their role in a safe and productive manner, they are vulnerable to injuring themselves or others.

How Do I Ensure My Employees are Fit for Work?

When you are hiring new employees, WHSQLD can help you identify the most capable, low-risk people for the role.

We do this by:

  • Using trusted medical practitioners to assess the physical & psychological health of candidates
  • Using cost-effective medical support to conduct assessments
  • Using qualified technicians and laboratories to ensure results are accurate and your business is protected
  • Managing onsite alcohol and other drug testing programs

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