Safety Plan Template - Operations

This document meets the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety. 

One simple page you can make your intentions clear and establish the required programs and activities to ensure safety is part of your business. 

What this document includes:

This template is a one page document that enables you to:

  •  document your goals for the medium to longer term; 
  •  identify which interested parties need to be involved;
  •  set out the objectives of what you plan to do;
  •  outline the key programs to make a difference; and
  •  establish a schedule of critical activities that are required to support the plan. 

What this document does not include:

  • The goals and objectives that are best for your business right now.
  • Training on how to complete the plan.
  • Contact us today for coaching on the development of an effective safety plan.