Fitness for Work & Injury Management

The physical capability of an applicant is important to ensure the well-being of every person on site. 

Are you hiring? Are the applicants fit for work? You may be at risk of hiring someone who does not have the inherent capabilities to do the job. 

Don't take the risk! 

We can develop a pre-employment health assessment program for your workplace to ensure your liabilities are minimised. 

Has someone been injured at your business? Injuries need to be managed effectively, whether they are work-related or not. 

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Injury management is a requirement of every business when a worker is injured. WHSQLD develops business-wide programs and provides injury-related advice on a case by case basis.

Our experienced team can support you and your injured workers and will assist you in establishing:

  • Pre-employment medical standards.
  • A business-wide injury management program.
  • Individual return-to-work plans.
  • Alcohol and other drug testing programs.

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