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WHSQLD is a private and professional firm of experienced Workplace Health & Safety consultants, based in Brisbane QLD. 

Our experienced safety advisors provide Workplace Health & Safety consultation, and facilitate safety training sessions, to all Queensland businesses. 

We can manage all your Workplace Health & Safety needs, so your business is always compliant, risks are assessed & controlled, and your workers are safe.

Independent, Confidential and Supportive

WHSQLD is an independent workplace health & safety consulting firm, with no Government affiliation, you can be assured that we will manage your needs, with 100% confidentiality and support. 

As safety professionals, we help our clients build the confidence they need to manage Health & Safety at their workplace. 

We do this by understanding the business’ needs, explaining current WHS law, assessing & controlling risk, and educating key people, to build a ‘Safety First’ approach in everything they do.

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